8Wave farewell to wind-whipped beach frizz and chlorine-shredded horror locks.

Silvikrin ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Michael Douglas reveals how to keep your hair happy and well behaved on your travels.

From prepping before you jet off, to easy poolside updos and protecting your locks while you’re away, here are his top tips and products to pack, to stay looking gorgeous.

And if you try out any of these hair hacks this summer, let us know on Twitter and Instagram at @notebooklive.

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Michael Douglas, hairdresserMichael Douglas shares his holiday hair hacks
1. Get your hair trimmed just before you go
“If you don’t get rid of broken ends in advance, the effects of sun and sea will make splits travel further and faster up your hair,” says Michael. “Taking off all the dead ends will help seal your hair against damage and also make it much easier to manage while you’re away.”

2. Colour at least a week before your holiday
“Don’t book a last minute emergency appointment,” says Michael. “Dye will damage the surface of your hair and the last thing it needs is for you go and sit straight in the sunshine.” If your roots are truly unbearable, you could do a DIY parting-only touch up with Clairol Root Touch Up, £4.28.

3. Strengthen hair ready for the sun
Maria Nila True Soft MasqueMaria Nila True Soft Masque
“If your hair is packed with moisture, it’ll absorb fewer drying and discolouring minerals from the swimming pool water,” says Michael. “Add in a good treatment mask to your regime and try to lay off dehydrating heat styling in the run-up to your holiday.” Notebook loves Maria Nila True Soft Masque, £18.95 which has UV and colour protection.

4. Top knot it for the pool
Catherine HarbourTop knotYour go-to poolside style
A top knot is the perfect pool-side hair style, says Michael. “You can keep water out of your hair if you’re doing a lazy breast stroke, but it won’t collapse if you get it wet,” he says. “Plus it looks elegant in holiday photos as it elongates your neck.”

Wella HairspraySilvikrin Flexible Hold Hairspray
To do it, tip your head upside and spray with Silvikrin Flexible Hold Hairspray, from £2.29, to help you scoop up all the hair,’ says Michael. “Put it all into a ‘pineapple’ on top of your head and secure with a band, but don’t pull it too tight or it’ll give you a headache. Then twist it round and until it folds in on itself, pin with three kirby grips and spray one last time.”

5. Tie your hair up safely
Don’t use waxed bands – or worse still, an actual rubber band – to tie your hair up on holiday.

“I see a lot of clients coming home with snapped-off hair and needing an emergency fringe cut to disguise the damage,” says Michael. “Always use a soft, stretchy hairband.”

Popband has some cute new designs and hey, if you can’t wear flamingos and unicorns in your hair on holiday when can you?

4Lots of shoppers are in a tizz about ASOS’ site crashing

On the day that half the nation mourns the impending exit of the UK out of the EU, two major retailers are left reeling from their own dose of Brexit bad luck.

Online fashion giant ASOS ‘ site has crashed and people are losing it as a consequence.

It’s been well over 12 hours since the website and app first encountered problems, and disgruntled shoppers have taken to Twitter (as you do) to vent their discontent.

The site has been down for more than 12 hours
Annelise Quayson @AnneliseQuayson
Actually can’t cope with @ASOS being down this long. With voting leave and the 2nd independence referendum lets just say it been a shit day
2:35 PM – 24 Jun 2016
Retweets 2 2 likes
Rachel Lawler @rachellawler_
ASOS is still down and I think this might be the start of the end of the world
2:40 PM – 24 Jun 2016 · Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
83 83 Retweets 77 77 likes
The retailer’s customer service Twitter account ASOS Here to Help sent this message to their followers over six hours ago:

Eek – looks like there’s a tech glitch with the site & app. Bear with us – the IT gurus are on it!

— ASOS Here to Help (@ASOS_HeretoHelp) June 23, 2016
At the time of publishing this article the site remains down… Could this be Brexit bad luck striking again?

Brexit ‘would cost Brits £580 a year as price of food, drink, petrol and clothing rocket’
Elsewhere in the social stratosphere high street fashion store Dorothy Perkins came a cropper when someone on their social team seemed to forget that the EU referendum results were being released on the day they sent out this positively perky post:

“Woo! Who has that #FridayFeeling?”

To which Twitter responded in suitable fashion: