Brexit bad luck hits retailers – ASOS site crash and Dorothy Perkins hashtag fail

4Lots of shoppers are in a tizz about ASOS’ site crashing

On the day that half the nation mourns the impending exit of the UK out of the EU, two major retailers are left reeling from their own dose of Brexit bad luck.

Online fashion giant ASOS ‘ site has crashed and people are losing it as a consequence.

It’s been well over 12 hours since the website and app first encountered problems, and disgruntled shoppers have taken to Twitter (as you do) to vent their discontent.

The site has been down for more than 12 hours
Annelise Quayson @AnneliseQuayson
Actually can’t cope with @ASOS being down this long. With voting leave and the 2nd independence referendum lets just say it been a shit day
2:35 PM – 24 Jun 2016
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Rachel Lawler @rachellawler_
ASOS is still down and I think this might be the start of the end of the world
2:40 PM – 24 Jun 2016 · Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
83 83 Retweets 77 77 likes
The retailer’s customer service Twitter account ASOS Here to Help sent this message to their followers over six hours ago:

Eek – looks like there’s a tech glitch with the site & app. Bear with us – the IT gurus are on it!

— ASOS Here to Help (@ASOS_HeretoHelp) June 23, 2016
At the time of publishing this article the site remains down… Could this be Brexit bad luck striking again?

Brexit ‘would cost Brits £580 a year as price of food, drink, petrol and clothing rocket’
Elsewhere in the social stratosphere high street fashion store Dorothy Perkins came a cropper when someone on their social team seemed to forget that the EU referendum results were being released on the day they sent out this positively perky post:

“Woo! Who has that #FridayFeeling?”

To which Twitter responded in suitable fashion:

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